Sew Together


Dear Frangipani Friends,

We had an amazing day meeting old friends and new faces at our third Sew Together Workshop for adults with disability, together with Li-Ve Tasmania. 

There were so many things we loved about our day. The classroom was filled with so much excitement and chatter as our return students tackled more difficult projects with enthusiasm - this was so encouraging to see!

Participants built upon their sewing skills, learning to sew curves quilting touching and playing curiously and confidently with the sewing machines, handling the fabric steadily as it moved through the machine, and pinning with increasing precision.

It was a joy to see our students react to their finished projects. One student clapped and exclaimed 'I did it, I did it!' as she sewed and especially once her cushion was finished. Another student held his finished book cover close, with a smile on his face, as he moved around the classroom sharing it with other students an looking at their projects.

We are currently fundraising for our next workshop on the 22nd of October. Visit to donate:) or purchase our Sew Together Raffle Tickets!

Spring Sew Together Raffle Tickets (6 for $10)



Our target was $1987 and we raised an amazing $2326 thanks to the generosity of the Tasmanian community.  The extra funds will go towards our next Sew Together workshop later in the year .  

We are so happy to share these gorgeous photos from our workshop.  Everyone who attended finished their projects and most kids sewed hearts for the 1000 Hearts compassion project.  These hearts will be donated to the paediatric ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital, a cause that has a special meaning for many of these children.



Donations welcome:
You can DONATE to our Sew Together Projects by visiting our Chuffed Page adding a donation when you buy something from our website, or in our Sew Together donation jar in store.  

Sew Together from Briony Alderslade on Vimeo.