Kids' Homeschool Class
Kids' Homeschool Class
Kids' Homeschool Class

Kids' Homeschool Class

Our philosophy: 

We love sewing.  We love that it is a mindful and creative activity that is an important life skill.  If you can sew you can mend clothes and household items (instead of throwing them away), make things for others, create a hand made wardrobe, decorate your home and so much more!

We have been teaching children for 4 years and aim to foster a safe and creative environment in our kids' classes where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their skills, abilities and differences.  We will work with you and your child to find the best way to teach them.

We think that kids are pretty amazing!  They don't have the fear that adults sometimes have of making mistakes and trying new things.  This means that their sewing usually exceeds our expectations.  Kids 8 and up can sew beautiful quilts, bags, soft toys and clothes.  Kids 10 and up often sew as well as an adult can when given the chance. 

This means that we work with their strengths and believe in them.  We don't give kids cheap calico and acrylic felt to "practise on".  We start them on good quality cotton and know that the outcome will be good and will last for a long time.  We let them use pins and irons and teach them to be safe and independent.  We listen to their ideas and incorporate them into our lessons (if a toy dog needs a cape or a party hat - let's get some paper and make a design - hey we have even sewn a waistcoat for an octopus!).

We hope that attending our classes will form life-long memories for your children - and we look forward to meeting them.


Homeschoolers aged 8-17 are invited to join our kids sewing class - no experience necessary! Please note:  We require a term's commitment to enrol in this class

Kids can choose a sewing project to suit their abilities (a quilt, soft toy, bag, cushion or clothing - we have lots of projects to choose from instore) and we will help them at every stage; developing their skills with each successive project! Covered rotary cutters, mats, sewing supplies and irons are available during class time. Please let us know if you'd like to borrow a sewing machine ($5 machine hire).


Wednesdays 1-3 during term time (1 spot left)

Fridays 10-12 during term time.  The Friday class will start in term 3.  (7 spots left)   

Cost: $20 per class (must book for full term not for individual single class)

Cost: $5.00 per class for hire of sewing  machine if required


Tutors: Briony and Luisa

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