Small Cosmo Embroidered Purse Kit

Small Cosmo Embroidered Purse Kit

Japanese embroidered purse kit. "A palm-sized clasp kit with a dignified appearance.
It's not a difficult stitch, so if you carefully poke one stitch at a time, you'll end up with a small Yamato Nadeshiko clasp."

■Completed size/Approx. W7 x H7 x Depth 3cm
■ Kit contents

/ Outer cloth ... 1 piece
・ Lining cloth ... 1 sheet
・ Adhesive core ... 1 piece
・Clasp … 1 piece
・ Paper string ... 1 piece
・Embroidery thread…3 colors

Plus pattern and instructions. 



Please note: the pattern is written in Japanese, but can be easily translated with Google Translate.