Sustainable Sewing - Short Course Class
Sustainable Sewing - Short Course Class
Sustainable Sewing - Short Course Class

Sustainable Sewing - Short Course Class

Making for a zero-waste home!

Our Sustainable Sewing Workshops will run over 4 Thursdays (August 18th - September 8th), 6-8pm.  Adults and kids 8 and up welcome.  Suitable for beginners.

The focus of this short course is to provide you with the sewing skills to make your own sustainable living items and move towards a less wasteful lifestyle. Being able to make products like produce bags, lunch bags, and dish scrubbers yourself will save you money and reduce your impact on the earth at the same time!

Class Cost: $45 per class

Kit Costs: $30 per class, kits include materials and patterns with instructions for you to take home.

Please note: you must book all 4 workshops as a package and you must pay for the first workshop to confirm booking. The remaining workshops can be paid for when you come each week, along with kit costs.


Workshop 1:

Produce Bag and Reusable Tea Bags (for loose leaf tea)

In this workshop you will have time to make 1-2 produce bags and 2 teabags. Learn straight line sewing, pinning, and how to make a casing for a drawstring to go through.

Workshop 2:

Lunch Bag with Vinyl Lining

In this workshop you will have time to make 1 lunch bag. Learn straight sewing, how to apply iron on vinyl, create a gusset, and french seams.


Workshop 3:

Sponges - Tawashi and Unsponge

In this workshop you will have time to make 2-3 sponges in total. Learn simple weaving techniques with the Tawashi sponge, and quilting and straight stitching with the unsponge.

Workshop 4:

Napkins with Mitred Corners

In this workshop you will have time to make 2-3 napkins. Learn straight stitching, mitred corners, and hemming.


Tutors: Briony Alderslade, Kate Marshall and Luisa Pollard

Machine Hire: $5


At Frangipani Fabrics we know that when we create, we do so within a complex ecosystem. As with most crafts, working with textiles can be a wasteful and damaging process if sustainability isn’t taken into consideration along the way.

In our classes and business practices we endeavour to balance the desire to create, with an obligation to do so responsibly, minimising our impact on the earth and our community. As our business and community evolves, our intention is to continue to find ways to minimise our environmental impact, bringing this ethos into our classes and our store.

Our students are an important part of this intention. As we teach, we want to promote a sustainably-minded and holistic approach to sewing and creating. We are passionate about helping students develop an awareness of why they make and how they can make things to last and be loved. We provide them with the technical skills to make things well, using quality natural fibres.

As well as learning to sew a project from start to finish, we believe it is important to complement this side of sewing with upcycling skills and scrap projects. Sewing is a constant cycle of creating projects and creating fabric waste...only it doesn’t have to become waste!

We find so much joy in nurturing the creativity and sewing skills of our customers, and building a community of passionate people. Giving our community the tools to upcycle, mend and reduce waste is an important part of this process.  We love learning and growing alongside you, and we look forward to building an environmentally conscious sewing community together!



All Frangipani Fabrics Classes are limited to a certain number of class participants. Whilst we are happy that our classes are near capacity, you do need to give us notice if you wish to cancel your class.

If you are unable to attend the class that you have booked, you must give us


Failure to do this means that your fee has been forfeited.

Last minute cancellations will also be considered as No Shows.