Textile Sculpture Class - Kids
Textile Sculpture Class - Kids
Textile Sculpture Class - Kids
Textile Sculpture Class - Kids
Textile Sculpture Class - Kids

Textile Sculpture Class - Kids







Miss M with her finished sculpture

Class Dates: 18th June - 6th August with a break for school holidays. Dates are as follow: 18th, 25th June, 2nd, 9th, 30th July, 6th August.

When: 9-12 Saturdays. 

8 spots left.

The textiles sculpture course is a NEW 6 week program for children aged 10-18. This course offers an opportunity to become part of a supportive and close creative community, to explore working in 3 dimensions, and for children to use textiles begin finding their unique creative voice.

This course will culminate in an Exhibition at the Kin Artspace in Kingston in November 2022.


Our term one class with teachers Briony Alderslade and Kate Marshall. Teacher Carol Banks is not pictured.  

Sewing Experience Required: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the course, it is not open to beginners - intermediate sewing experience is required and suitability for the course will be judged at the discretion of the tutors.


'Home, for now', by Kate Marshall (2021)

Throughout the course, students will work with the tutors to make textiles-based sculptures of their own design, up to 40x40x40cm, responding to the theme of 'Home'. This theme can be interpreted in any way you like - abstract or literally. The program is fully supported, with exercises to foster creativity and get students used to art processes.

Miss H with her art-to-wear in progress

What students will learn:

- art and design skills, based in a foundation of textiles techniques and working in 3 dimensions.

- how to express their creative ideas, including how to share those ideas with peers. 

- how to create in response to a concept.

- how to make useful mistakes, and get excited about what you learn from them.

 Miss C with her mushroom in progress

What students will need:

We will supply children with A4 art journals, included in the course cost.

Scrap materials and craft supplies will be available to students in the first 2 classes for experimenting and making prototypes. This is included in the course cost. 

All other materials can be purchased as required for individual projects from us, or extra materials (e.g. wire coat hangers, egg cartons, rope etc.) and scraps can be brought in from home.


Miss Z with her work in progress

Cost: $288 (includes $8.00 Visual Arts Journal + $10 Starter Materials Pack)

Course cost can be paid in weekly instalments. Extra materials can be paid for on lesson days.

Sewing supplies and irons are available during class time. Please let us know if you'd like to borrow a sewing machine ($5 machine hire). 

 Miss O with her jigsaw in progress

Miss F with her nest in progress

Miss M with her mobile in progress

'Soul Critter', by Kate Marshall (2021)

About Kate Marshall

The course will be led by Kate Marshall, a Frangipani tutor and emerging textile artist. She will be supported by our other sewing tutors, Briony Alderslade and Luisa Pollard.

Kate Marshall is an emerging Nipaluna/Hobart-based artist whose practice flows from textile art to object design, drawing, installation, and performance. Her practice occupies the spaces between art, craft, and object design, drawing inspiration from each creative field. Since graduating with a combined Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tasmania in mid-2021, Kate has developed a rich practice through community engaged projects and explorative interdisciplinary art works.

 'Sunset clouds swept out and up from a warmly lit window', by Kate Marshall (2022)

In the second half of 2021 Kate contributed art works to several group shows in Tasmanian Galleries. Her sculptural entry in local art prize ‘Artfully Queer’, won best work in 3D, and she recently had work in the ‘Small Works Prize’ at Brunswick St Gallery, Melbourne. Kate has also been involved in community art projects such as the ‘Rainbow Quilt Project’, for Tas Pride.

Her works are intimate, rich in colour, and intensely tactile. She brings a childlike sensibility to the intellectual concepts of her work, walking an ambiguous line between sincerity and whimsicality. Imperative to Kate’s creative practice is the opportunity to play, make mistakes, and find joy in the process.

Support teachers: Briony Alderslade and Carol Banks






All Frangipani Fabrics Classes are limited to a certain number of class participants.  You do need to give us notice if you wish to cancel your class.

If you are unable to attend the class that you have booked, you must give us


Failure to do this means that your fee has been forfeited.

Last minute cancellations will also be considered as No Shows


Our philosophy: 

We love sewing.  We love that it is a mindful and creative activity that is an important life skill.  If you can sew you can mend clothes and household items (instead of throwing them away), make things for others, create a hand made wardrobe, decorate your home and so much more!

We have been teaching children for 6 years and aim to foster a safe and creative environment in our kids' classes where everyone feels welcome, regardless of their skills, abilities and differences.  We will work with you and your child to find the best way to teach them.

We think that kids are pretty amazing!  They don't have the fear that adults sometimes have of making mistakes and trying new things.  This means that their sewing usually exceeds our expectations.  Kids 8 and up can sew beautiful quilts, bags, soft toys and clothes.  Kids 10 and up often sew as well as an adult can when given the chance. 

This means that we work with their strengths and believe in them.  We don't give kids cheap calico and acrylic felt to "practice on".  We start them on good quality cotton and know that the outcome will be good and will last for a long time.  We let them use pins and irons and teach them to be safe and independent.  We listen to their ideas and incorporate them into our lessons if possible (if a toy dog needs a cape or a party hat - let's get some paper and make a design - hey we have even sewn a waistcoat for an octopus!).

We hope that attending our classes will form life-long memories for your children - and we look forward to meeting them.

The Frangipani Fabrics Team