....Where compassion meets creativity.

Frangipani Fabrics is your community sewing hub in North Hobart, Tasmania!  

We are a community-minded fabric shop and sewing school in Tasmania with the goal of promoting creativity and making the psychosocial benefits of sewing accessible to everyone. 

We are Tasmania's largest sewing school.  Join our inclusive and friendly classes nearly every day, beginners always welcome. Explore modern, kids, Japanese, and linen fabrics, along with beautiful sewing patterns. We also love teaming up with local businesses passionate about making a difference in vulnerable people's lives in the community. Read about our Sew Together program. Visit us in Hobart. 

In our classes and business, we balance creativity with responsibility, minimising our environmental impact and promoting sustainable sewing practices. We teach our students not just to create, but to create mindfully, encouraging a holistic approach to sewing. Our focus includes up cycling skills and scrap projects, turning fabric waste into cherished creations. Join us in nurturing creativity, reducing waste, and building an eco-conscious sewing community 


Store Location 

313a Elizabeth Street, North Hobart 


Opening Hours 

Monday 10am-5pm

Tuesday 10am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-5pm

Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Sunday Closed