The Bunting Project: Human Rights Day

Join Frangipani Fabrics for Hobart Respects All Community Bunting Project!

We're thrilled to collaborate with Hobart Respects All for an engaging community event on December 8th. This initiative aims to promote inclusivity and unity within our vibrant community.

At Frangipani Fabrics, we deeply believe in fostering a diverse and welcoming community where every voice is celebrated. Join us in embracing this meaningful endeavor to spread the message of unity and acceptance.

How to Participate: 

Get your pre-made bunting flag and embellishment kit at Frangipani Fabrics on Elizabeth Street, North Hobart. Complete your flag and return it to our shop by December 7th. Make it unique, just like you! Check our website for an example bunting made by Frangipani Fabrics. Alternatively, see you at the mall on the 8th to create your unique flag with Frangipani Fabrics staff.

Event Details:

  • Date: December 8th
  • Time: 2-hour duration
  • Location: Mall (Specific details to be announced)
  • Task: Together, we'll assist community members in decorating pre-made bunting using provided materials. The bunting comprises 2 x 5m strands, forming approximately 50 bunting triangles.

By engaging in initiatives like the Hobart Respects All Community Bunting Project, we support inclusivity within our communities. Join us in crafting something beautiful that celebrates our diversity and fosters unity among us all.

Scroll down to see an example of a completed flag by one of ur sewing students!