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Sewing Basics with Briony FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL

Sewing Basics with Briony FREE VIDEO TUTORIAL

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Free Sewing Basics Tutorial: Mastering Straight Lines and Turning Corners

Are you a proud owner of a new sewing machine but uncertain about using it? Our step-by-step tutorial is designed for beginners, focusing on two fundamental sewing skills: sewing straight lines and turning corners. This tutorial equips you with essential skills, enabling you to tackle our patterns or smoothly transition into our sewing classes.


  1. Machine Setup: Ensure your sewing machine is threaded according to the manual's instructions before starting the tutorial.
  2. Materials Needed: Grab a threaded sewing machine and a piece of paper with a drawn line and square.

Tutorial Steps:

  1. Straight Lines: Master the art of sewing in straight lines, a foundational skill for various sewing projects.
  2. Turning Corners: Learn the technique to sew precise corners, essential for creating professional-looking seams.

This beginner-friendly tutorial provides a strong foundation for your sewing journey. Once you've practiced these skills, you'll be ready to explore our patterns or dive into our comprehensive sewing classes.

Note: For access to this tutorial, use the password: frangipani12&

Happy Sewing! The Frangipani Fabrics Team

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